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Pharmvista - Company Overview


Our vision is to identify unmet medical needs in various therapeutic segments and use innovation and quality to address the unmet medical needs.


Our mission is to create superior quality products and make them available to patients at an economical price by using innovative and unique distribution channels.

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Pharmvista® Inc. is a US based Organic and Conventional Gummy Bear manufacturer.   To learn more about our Gummy Bear manufacturing process, please click here

Our flagship products are as follows:
1. Organic Turmeric & Ginger Gummies
2. Coral Minerals and Vitamin D3 Gummies
3. Hair Skin Nail Gummies
4. Organic Cranberry Gummies
5. Digestyn-7 Gummies
6. Melatonin Gummies
7. Senna Gummies

Our facility is NSF GMP, OTCO and Kosher certified. We use natural colors and flavors on all our products. We take pride in our innovations and currently market our products in various parts of the world including USA, India, Middle East and Europe.